Last news

9 07 2009

See you again in Munich  in 2010, we’ll keep you informed.

*Bikepolo Munich*



30 06 2009

We’ve added a new category called „Results“ where you can find all the results and standings of the tournament.


28 06 2009

Thank you all for coming to Munich. It was a really nice weekend and we’re glad to meet all of you and saw some tuff games. We hope that you’ve a lot of fun and that we see all of you in the second Tournament in 2010.

The results:

1st – L`Equipe (Geneva/Switzerland)

2nd – Poloholics Toros (Munich/Germany)

3th – The Mustard Tigers (Milwaukee/USA)

For all others, see you at the EBPC 2009 in London:

blogging from the court

27 06 2009

head over to cheeseonwheels. we will keep you updated there about the newest results and pictures live from the court.

click HERE!


NO RAIN so far.


Very latest news

24 06 2009

Due to the bad weather we will start the late registration on saturday at eight and the games at half past eight!!!


23 06 2009

Check the category „Party“ for the party after the tournament!

Final news

19 06 2009

Only one week left until our first tournament and we’re all very curious.

We’ve updated alle categories, but the primary news are in the „Information“ category regarding the timetable for the tournament.

Later we will send additionally an email for those who have asked for private accomodations with details of your housemate.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email (info[at]

See you next week in Munich.

Have a good trip!