Date: 27.06.2009

Place: Munich (Germany)

Location: Verkehrsmuseum, Theresienhöhe 14a, 80339 Munich


26.06.2009 –Geheimrad (Cycle store), Schwanthalerstr. 147

6pm – Registration, meet your housemate, Supercycle Artshow, Pologames (only for warm-up) or whatever you want to do in Munich

27.06.2009 – Location (Verkehrsmuseum, Theresienhöhe 14a, 80339 Munich)

8am – Late registration

8:30am – Games start!

10pm – Games ended

11pm – Party and awards show (Feinspeisserei, Dachauer Str. 114, 80636 Munich, see also the category „Party“)

28.06.2009Location (Verkehrsmuseum, Theresienhöhe 14a, 80339 Munich)

10am – Guided city tour with a stop in a traditional Bavarian beer garden or more free pologames or whatever you want to do in Munich

Drinks and food

We’ve organised a cooperation with a local beer company (Augustiner) and they will handle the drinks (0.5l beer or softdrink for 1.50 Euro) and the food (Vegetarian meal for 5.00 Euro, Meat meal for 6.50 Euro).

Additionally there are a lot of super markets and little restaurants around the location.


One response

14 07 2009

This is Joe from Milwaukee. Once again, thanks for the awesome tournament! We had so much fun in Munich and playing and meeting some euro players.

I was wondering who to contact about that Bagaboo Bags we won… I have a laminated sheet with info about the bags, but no contact info…

Thanks and hope to see you guys in Philly,


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